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Starting the neck - gluing in the trussrod.


The bent walnut sides in the mould.


The back - first shaping of the braces.


The sides or "ribs" glued to the tail block and joint inlaid.

The back glued to the ribs - held in place with spool clamps.


The glued back and sides ready for fitting to the neck.


The neck and back and sides glued and assembled.

The top planed and sanded ready for inlaying.


Preparing the soundhole inlay.


Preparing the soundhole inlay and ready for cutting out the soundhole.


Gluing and cramping the top braces.


The top braces in place and shaped.


Gluing and cramping the top to the body and neck.


The body routed to take the edge bindings and purfling inlays.


Binding the top.


Binding the back.


Preparing the ebony fingerboard - pearl dots inlaid and slots cut ready for fretting.


Gluing and cramping the fingerboard.

The finished job!