Elizabeth's Songs

I am only including two of the songs I have written.

The first is a song written about my late father's life. He passed away in December 2005 after a painful battle with cancer. He was not a big man but he was as strong as an ox and worked for 44 years at the pit face. He also had a heart as big as a mountain, caring for my mother for the last 20 years of her life.

The second is a song I wrote with much encouragement from fellow members of Spalding Folk Club for the Write a Lincolnshire song competition. I owe thanks to Tom Barker for spending many hours with me telling me about Cowbit life past and present.
If you click on a title the lyrics and chords will appear as a new page as a pdf document.

1 The Grimethorpe Millionaire
2 The Plover Catcher

Martin's Songs

Below is a list of songs I have written.
If you click on a title the lyrics and chords will appear as a new page as a pdf document.

We are more than happy for them to be performed but please respect the fact that they are our copyright and we would be grateful if authorship were acknowledged.
Permission to reproduce for other than personal use, either as a whole or in part, should be requested via the "CONTACT US" page.

1 A light will burn brightly
2 A New Day
3 Before you leave
4 Black crow
5 Can't wait till Friday comes around
6 Cold days, long nights
7 Crossing the line
8 Crying at rainbows
9 Don't give up on me now
10 Endless
11 Evening
12 Ghosts
13 Heading for a Fall
14 Hold on
15 How long the road
16 I saw behind your eyes today
17 If
18 I'll not rest easy
19 Johnny's Gone To Fight
20 Just another day
21 Let the sun go down
22 Lincolnshire
23 Lonely
24 My love lies far over the sea
25 Questions
26 Renewal
27 Running man
28 Shadow on the wall
29 Shout at the sky
30 Something strange
31 Storms
32 That's what friends are for
33 The break
34 The drum
35 The hill
36 The world keeps on turning
37 This world of mine
38 Through till morning
39 Time for singing
40 Until the Sun Goes Down
41 Warmer days
42 We all cry out for love
43 We'll get it right this time
44 When winter calls
45 You sang

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