Our Instruments

Standeven dread S&P J45 Maple 000 Larrivee L03 Martin D18
Elizabeth's favourite guitar was handcrafted from spruce and mahogany by Paul Standeven from Royston near Barnsley Elizabeth uses this Simon & Patrick cedar and mahogany dreadnaught for her work in schools Elizabeth's Gibson J45 "Workhorse" in spruce and mahogany Elizabeth saw a Patrick James Eggle quilted maple guitar a few years ago at the Acoustic Avalon guitar weekend in Leicester but couldn't afford it, Martin made her one, a 12 fret 000 with quilted maple back and sides and Engelmann spruce top. Martin's favourite guitar is a Larrivee L03 in spruce and mahogany Martin sold his Larrivee LV09 and replaced it with a Martin GPCPA4 "Shaded"acoustic electric guitar Having longed since his teens for a namesake dreadnaught Martin bought an 80's D16H off eBay. It was enjoyed for a couple of years but has now been traded in against this beautiful Custom Shop Adirondack Spruce D18.
Sigma12 Ibanez mando Eastman MoonMando
Martin's 12-string Sigma DM12-3 for those "Mr Tambourine Man" moments
Elizabeth's vintage Ibanez two-pointer spruce and maple mandolin Martin has three mandolins, this Eastman MD315 carved spruce and maple F-Style.... ....this Eastman carved spruce and maple 504 oval hole A-Style.... ....and this Jimmy Moon Standard flat back spruce and maple Elizabeth's Ozark Appalachian dulcimer
Cittern MB Octave mando Lachenal Concertina Banjo    
We commissioned this Dave Freshwater cittern in cedar and walnut some years ago - still struggling to find the best tuning Martin built this octave mandola in spruce and walnut (Click on the image to see photographs of its construction). Elizabeth's Crane Lachenal duet concertina Elizabeth's Ozark 5-string banjo  

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